The State Attorney’s Office for the Fourth Judicial Circuit of Florida is responsible for the prosecution of all crimes committed in Duval, Clay and Nassau counties. State Attorney Melissa Nelson took office Jan. 3, 2017.   The office’s practice encompasses the investigation and prosecution of cases across the full spectrum of criminal activity, including:  

  • Murder and violent crimes
  • Sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse
  • Property crimes
  • Drug trafficking
  • Public corruption
  • Racketeering
  • Impaired driving

The office is organized by divisions. Each division concentrates on a different category of cases.

The County Court Division handles misdemeanor offenses and prosecutes all misdemeanors and criminal traffic offenses.  

The Circuit Court Division has handles all felony prosecutions.  

The Juvenile Division, staffed by felony-level attorneys, prosecutes crimes committed by juveniles. These attorneys practice before Circuit Court judges who are assigned to the Juvenile Division on a rotating basis.  

In addition, specialized divisions utilize attorney expertise in the investigation and prosecution of particular types of crimes. At present, these include:  

  • Homicide
  • Special Assault Unit
  • Traffic Homicide Unit
  • Public Corruption Unit
  • Drug Trafficking Unit
  • Civil and Forfeiture Division

The State Attorney’s Office is  the largest law firms in Northeast Florida, staffed with approximately 110 attorneys and 225 support staff including investigators, victim advocates, paralegals, diversion specialists, clerical and administrative personnel.

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