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In the ongoing effort to continuously improve public safety, State Attorney Melissa Nelson, Sheriff Mike Williams, and Mayor Lenny Curry announce the public release of their Comprehensive Gang Reduction Strategy.

The 26-page memo details initiatives the three offices are leading to reduce violent crime in Jacksonville, while identifying research-based strategies, best practices, and innovative solutions that are impacting gang-related issues in communities.
“This report has been months in the making and is a credit to the hard work of thought leaders who want to improve our community,” said State Attorney Melissa Nelson. “It is a strategy that reflects a variety of opportunities we believe can — and will — work to keep the public safer.”

Many of the programs seen as additional solutions have been successful in other cities that are facing similar challenges. For example, Chicago and Milwaukee created an Office of Violence Prevention that works with community members to identify how to better administer needed services. In New York, a social media intervention strategy for juvenile crimes has shown remarkable success, according to one study. And in Los Angeles, using gang injunctions as an enforcement technique assists law enforcement and prosecutors strategically target and prosecute gang members.

Sheriff Mike Williams calls the strategy a “road map” for the community to learn about the efforts of all three offices and the “critical puzzle pieces we have at our disposal” against violent crime.

“The work ahead is a long road; I have confidence in our shared commitment to the effort and to our partnership,” said Williams.

To reach Jacksonville’s full potential, the community needs to feel safe and be included in this discussion. In addition to being advocates for these programs, the business community is encouraged to support these types of anti-violence initiatives through funding opportunities.

“This report clearly demonstrates the shared vision and commitment we have made to ending gang violence in our community,” said Mayor Lenny Curry. “Stopping violence will always be our top priority as we work together to identify innovative solutions that ensure public safety throughout Jacksonville.”

See the full report here.

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