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SAO4 Directory Information

(904) 255-2500


State Attorney Melissa W. Nelson
Chief Assistant State Attorney L. E. Hutton
First Assistant State Attorney Stephen Siegel
Attorney and Community Development Lisa Page, Director
Juvenile Division Adair Newman, Director (904) 255-2751
Clay County Pam Hazel, Director (904) 269-6319
Nassau County Chris Huband, Deputy Director (904) 548-4700
Legal Division Sheila Loizos, Director (904) 255-2935
Homicide Alan Mizrahi / Dan Skinner, Directors (904) 255-2988
Special Victims Unit Adair Newman, Director (904) 255-2730
Targeted Prosecution Matt O’Keefe, Director (904) 255-2988
Special Prosecution Octavius Holliday / Joe Licandro, Deputy Directors (904) 255-2875
Conviction Integrity Review Shelley Thibodeau, Director (904) 255-2761
County Court John Kalinowski, Director (904) 255-2683
Felony Court Mark Caliel, Director (904) 255-2890
     CRA (904) 255-2837
     CRB (904) 255-2838
     CRC (904) 255-2839
     CRD (904) 255-2896
     CRE (904) 255-2841
     CRG (904) 255-2843
     CRH (904) 255-2844
     CRI (904) 255-2845

DISCOVERY REQUESTS – Defense Attorneys in Criminal Cases


Please open and fill out the above form for your circuit or county.
Once complete, print the request form* and mail with your cashier's check, money order, or law firm check (no cash) payable to:
State Attorney’s Office 4th Judicial Circuit at the following address:

State Attorney's Office, Fourth Judicial Circuit, 311 W. Monroe St. Jacksonville, FL 32202

*This form only pertains to discovery requests for defense attorneys in criminal cases.

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