How To File Charges

Criminal Complaints

Filing a Criminal Complaint

A local law enforcement officer should always be contacted when a crime has been committed. Law enforcement officers are first responders who are specially trained to enforce the law, maintain order, and protect citizens.

The State Attorney’s Office is designed to work with all areas of the criminal justice system as an agent that enforces criminal law and seeks justice for victims of crime.

If you have been the victim of a felony crime and a suspect was arrested, you will be contacted by the prosecuting attorney. If the suspect was not arrested, but is known, the responding officer must come to the State Attorney’s Office to pursue criminal charges. Only sworn law enforcement officers can file felony charges.

If you have questions regarding the status of a pending case in the Fourth Judicial Circuit, our offices may be reached at:

  • Duval County: (904) 255-2500
  • Clay County: (904) 269-6319
  • Nassau County: (904) 548-4700

State Attorney’s Office Victim Crime Report

If you are a victim and a law enforcement officer has provided you a State Attorney’s Office Referral Card, please print the downloadable form below and mail or deliver it to the office within five business days. Please include any other documentation. An Assistant State Attorney will review the provided information, as well as relevant reports by law enforcement officers. The State Attorney’s Office may contact you or witnesses for additional information.

Download the form:
Yellow Card Form


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