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Nov. 3, 2022


With midterm elections on the horizon, the State Attorney’s Office has been at the forefront of investigating and prosecuting several area voting-related crimes.

“Voting-related crimes undermine one of the foundational tenets of our democracy,” said State Attorney Melissa Nelson.

Each of the following cases were investigated by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and State Attorney’s Office and prosecuted by the State Attorney’s Office Special Prosecution Division.

State of Florida v. Jordan Daniels

On Nov. 3, 2022, the Honorable Robert Foster sentenced Jordan Daniels to 10 months in Duval County Jail followed by 14 months of probation after Daniels pleaded and was adjudicated guilty on two counts of Criminal Use of Personal Identification (10+ Victims).

In July 2020, a joint investigation into possible identity theft relating to voter registration applications began after the Duval County Supervisor of Elections identified inconsistencies on applications submitted by a third party. Specifically, signatures did not match, and personal information was incorrect — each batch of applications had the initials of Daniels and a codefendant. Further investigation revealed the third-party organization hired Daniels and a codefendant as employees to secure voter registration applications from people. Investigators interviewed victims whose names and information were used and discovered more than 20 victims who did not give authorization for their information to be used. Additionally, another 10 individuals whose forms were signed were, in fact, deceased. Daniels and a codefendant were arrested.

The State is also prosecuting similar charges against Daniels’ codefendant in the State of Florida v. Devin King. King’s next pretrial hearing is scheduled for Nov. 9, 2022.

State of Florida v. Corri and Michelle Moore

On Oct. 27, 2022, the Honorable Mark Borello sentenced Corri Moore to 12 months in Duval County Jail and Michelle Moore to 12 months of Community Control (Level 1) after both pleaded and were adjudicated guilty to one count of Criminal Use of Personal Identification Information.

The husband-and-wife codefendants in the summer of 2021 submitted thousands of Constitutional Amendment Initiative Petition forms relating to a gambling proposal to the Duval County Supervisor of Elections. The forms contained personal information, including signatures, of the registered voters who supposedly signed the forms. On many of those petitions that were submitted, elections workers could not verify the signature on the petition form with the signature on file and law enforcement was contacted of possible fraudulent activity.

Investigators examined more than 30 petitions turned into the elections office and contacted each voter, who said they did not recognize and did not sign those petitions. The Moores were identified as the individuals who submitted the false petitions and were arrested.

The Fourth Circuit State Attorney’s Office is currently prosecuting one additional case, the State of Florida v. Marc Crump, a convicted felon who has been arrested and charged with Election False Registration/False Swearing and two counts of Election Fraud Voting. Crump, a multiple time convicted felon, knowingly indicated on forms that he was not a convicted felon and cast ballots in both a 2020 primary election and the 2020 general election. Crump’s final pretrial is scheduled for Nov. 7, 2022.

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